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We are a Black woman-owned consulting firm, advancing
equity for impact.


Advance health, gender, and racial equity within Fortune 500s, government, and social justice organizations by providing them with culturally relevant skills, tools, knowledge, and relationships.


Creative solutions to inequity founded on inspired values


We Are
Community First

We prioritize those closest to the issues we seek to resolve.

We use our collective expertise, leadership, and lived experiences to advance equity for our people – and all people – towards equity.


We Are

We value and prioritize diverse racial, gender, and sexual identities.

We combine an approach rooted in dignity and lived experiences to connect with people who create and are impacted by equity.


We Are

As subject matter experts and communicators, we are guided by empirical research and people’s experiences.

We combine technical expertise and ethical best practices to develop integral solutions.


We Are

We value diverse racial, gender and sexual identities. 

We collaboratively create environments that make space for a spectrum of needs, ideas, and experiences to ensure wellness and impact.

Our services.

Our approach.

We put racial, gender, and health equity at the center of building up people, initiatives, and organizations.

Data and experiential feedback are the foundation of all our efforts across Fortune 500s, government and health departments, and social justice organizations.

Our solutions are developed with the recognition that equity efforts are often not linear but always yield long-term value.

Collabs based
on trust.

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